Friday, December 26, 2008

The Power of the well-Crafted Sales Letter

Jay Abraham
The Greatest Guru Marketing

Foolproof formula for writing powerful sales letters:

I Say something that gets the reader’s attention. Be sure to capture the interests or desires, benefits or advantages to the reader, recipient. Write about something that is critically, essentially important to the reader.

II Tell the reader why he or she should be interested. Don’t assume that the reader obviously or logically know the reason why. Don’t assume that he or she see the connection or correlation. Make that connection for reader.

III Tell the reader why he or she should believe what you are saying and why it’s true. Credentialize it. Establish the facts. Produce authoritative evidence in the communication that demonstrates instantly, continually and compellingly, that what you are saying is the absolute truth and that the reader can believe it.

IV Prove it is true with examples, case studies, references, citings of research, or any other kind of validation that is appropriate. Try to get someone to agree to an appointment or to visit your booth at a trade show.

V Itemize and describe all the benefits of your product or service. People don’t buy the product features; they buy the benefits and advantages the product brings them. For example, a television may have 9 million pixels per square inch. This means nothing to the client. If, however you state that it is 5 times clearer than most televisions, with movie theater quality visuals, your sales strategy is much more powerful.

VI Tell the reader how to respond. Use direct response marketing, in which you are directing the reader by telling him or her what to do, how to do it, why the reader should do it, and when he or she should do it, and ultimately how to order.

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